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  • 2018

    Peritia School QLD Formed

    We moved to an acreage in the mountains just north of Brisbane. Our land provides a venue for Peritia non-profit arts and self-sufficiency school's workshops. The aim is to increase knowledge and skills in self-sufficiency, sustainability and arts, grow community, and practice some of the principles of RBEM (Resource Based Economic Model) such as money-free exchange and equal access.

  • 2017

    Peritia Association Formed, NSW

    Peritia non profit association was formed in NSW and we organised a Sydney chaper of the Zeitgeist Movement

  • 2015

    RBEM Wiki

    Ziggy made a wiki explaining the principles of RBEM and started to implement RBE10K. He had collaborators in many parts of the world, though ultimately momentum was lost when he stepped back from micro-managing the project.

  • 2013

    RBE10K Idea

    RBE10K is an experimental implemantation of a resource based economy in the form of a school. 10K Perticipants will each contribute 10K AUD and will live a minimalistic university campus style communal lifestyle. The idea is that it is affordable and provides opportunities for growth and learning for participants.

  • 2010


    Ziggy went vegan and watched the Zeitgeist documentaries by Peter Joseph.

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